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Warfel's Sweet Shoppe
Quality Homemade Chocolates.
Warfels Sweet Shoppe Creamy Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge!

 At the age of seven, Elaine Warfel began working alongside her mother, making homemade fudge at the Central Farmer's Market in Lancaster, PA.

Some 20 years later, while living on a ranch in rural Kansas, Elaine started a bakery and chocolate shoppe on Main Street in the small town of Alma. During this time her chocolate pecan toffee was featured at Bloomingdale's stores nationwide, giving Warfels Chocolates some much welcomed exposure. Sales doubled at the little shoppe in Alma, and a thriving mail-order business was born.

Then, in 1993, Elaine and her family moved from Kansas to the Shenandoah Valley. Almost immediately, she scoped out the Dayton Farmer's Market as the location she wanted for her new business. Mother's Day Weekend 1994 marked the opening of Warfels Sweet Shoppe in Dayton.

To this day, fresh, quality chocolates and other sweets are offered in abundance. Caramel turtles, chocolate truffles, and the famous chocolate pecan toffee remain the three big sellers, but dozens of other homemade candies are made regularly including chocolate-dipped pretzels, chili chocolate, Earl Grey/Lavender bars, Shenandoah Midnight bars, nut clusters, barks, and brittles, creamy fudges, salty logs, and a whole line of chocolates without sugar. Warfels candies are all made the old-fashioned way: in small batches in Elaine's health-inspected special "chocolate room" in her home.

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