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Crafty Hands
You don't quit playing because you get old. You get old because you quit playing..
Crafty Hands Toyland

The sign on the register reads, "We Only Sell to Kids." We believe there's a little kid in all of us, and Crafty Hands Toyland helps bring him/her out.

This is what a toy store should be. Toys that are fun. Toys that inspire creativity and stimulate wonder. Classic toys like yo-yo's and Slinky, outdoor toys to bounce on and toys that fly. Kites, puppets, games, puzzles, and toys you've never seen before! Like the amazing Levitron, the levitating top, that actually defies gravity for minutes at a time! And the Airzooka, which will literally blow you away!

Crafty Hands is a unique specialty toy store, not a chain. Each toy is hand-picked for quality, playability, and fun value. Most of these toys will not be found in mass market stores. These toys are tested, right here in the store! I know it looks like we're playing... but we are really working hard to determine which toys stand up to our rigorous guidelines.

At Crafty Hands Toyland, we are always there to help you find the game or puzzle that is appropriate for your child (or your spouse). We will help you avoid the disappointment that comes from a toy that is too juvenile, or too difficult for the child (or your spouse). Many of our toys are open for you to try before you buy. Come in and help us with our testing.

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Crafty Hands toyland boy with stuffed animals